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Intensive Thai Language Courses
Intensive Thai Language Courses
The Intensive Thai program offers two levels of Thai courses for beginners. The first level, comprised of 200 hours, emphasizes basic skills: listening, speaking, and grammar for reading and writing general texts. The second level, comprised of 100 hours, is for students who intend to take either undergraduate or graduate programs in Thai. Students will be tested periodically to monitor progress and will be required to pass an equivalency test.
Level I (200 hrs):
Stresses practical communication skills based on everyday activities while introducing students to the basic Thai writing system. Students begin by reading very simple passages and writing simple sentences, which gradually become longer, more complex texts. Students are expected to know at least 1,500 Thai words and be able to use a Thai/English dictionary.
Level II (100 hrs):
Students practice the four language skills at an advanced level. Instruction emphasizes advanced sentence structures and a vocabulary base of 3,000 Thai words is required.
Class Size:
Classes will only be opened with a minimum of 10 students (if fewer than 10 students enroll, the class will be closed until the next session).
Level I      25,000 baht (200 hrs.)
Level II     12,500 baht (100 hrs.)
Courses are offered Mondays through Fridays, twice a year.
Level I      June – September, January – April
Level II     September – October , April – May
Click here to access an Acrobat Reader printable applicaton form.(pdf)
Send Application Forms to:
Office of International Relations
Srinakharinwirot University
Sukhumvit 23 Road
Bangkok, 10110 Thailand
E-mail: ird@swu.ac.th
Phone: 02-260-3637
Curriculum, fees and class schedule subject to change.