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Although it has a long history in the University’s tradition, the Science Education Center has a relatively short official history.  Established in 2000, the Science Education Center is dedicated to improving science teaching and learning in schools and to the concomitant generation as well as the communication of knowledge about science instruction and learning.  The Center accomplishes its mission through active collaboration among scientists, science educators and school-based teachers.  The University Council’s deliberation established the Center as an autonomous unit of the University to deal specifically with matters relating to science teaching and learning in schools.

In collaboration with other academic units or with the University, the Center offers two degree programs in science education at the master and doctoral level.  English is the medium of instruction and dissertations are written in English.  These programs provide leadership in science education through research and development, academic courses, general professional courses and content-specific professional courses.

Of the many activities the Center has engaged in, most are primarily intended to develop research programs directed at curriculum development and inquiry-based science instruction and learning, support school science instruction and learning, communicate the results of research and development projects, and help graduate students with research grants and training at foreign universities.

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URL: http://scied.swu.ac.th

Science Education Center