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Prasarnmit Elementary Demonstration School
URL: http://prathom.swu.ac.th
Phone: (662) 258-4242, 258-4244
Fax (662) 259-4517

Prasarnmit Secondary Demonstration School
URL: http://matthayom.swu.ac.th
Phone: (662) 260-9986, 258-9326
Fax (662) 258-4106

Pathumwan Demonstration School
URL: http://satitpatumwan.ac.th
Phone: (662) 251-3934, 251-3937
Fax (662) 251-4159

Ongkharak Demonstration School
Phone: (662) 649-5000 ext. 1302, 662-1442-3, 662-3180-7
Fax (662) 259-4517

Demonstration Schools - Prasarnmit Elementary Demonstration School, Prasarnmit Secondary Demonstration School, Pathumwan Secondary Demonstration School and Ongkharak Demonstration School - are under the supervision of the Faculty of Education. Established in 1952, they are venues for student teacher training and educational research. The Demonstration Schools are models of quality education, which provide opportunities to observe and improve teaching and educational administrative techniques.

Prasarnmit Elementary Demonstration School admits five-year olds into its one-year preschool program, which is followed by six years of primary education. Many go on to Prasarnmit Secondary Demonstration School, Bangkok's first multi-curricular and semi-vocational school, which provides six years of secondary education.

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Pathumwan Demonstration School is a high school with classes streamed for Mathematics, Science and Languages. The school has received many world awards (IMO, WYMIC, IJSO, WCF, etc.) for its academic quality and management.

The newest school, Ongkharak Demonstration School, was established in 2008 as a preschool program. The school will eventually provide primary and secondary education, adding a high school program in 2015.

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Demonstration Schools