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Reserach and Services Center

The Research and Services Center (RSC) was established in 2000 as a working unit under the supervision of SWU.  The objectives of the RSC are to act as a coordinator in the application of knowledge and science for both internal and external offices in the interests of the University and society; to conduct business negotiation management on legal conditions and agreements; to oversee the interests and benefits derived from research and technical services by the RSC; and to generate income by providing research and academic services to the University in accordance with principles, objectives and policies of the University.

Research and Services Center

To achieve these objectives, RSC has been divided into the following three sections based on function: Training, Research and Development, and Continuous Education.  All activities will be tailored toward the needs of service users by utilizing academic resources in the University.  Training, seminars and workshops are designed to develop potentials in human resources in the form of cooperation, study, service and joint development in accordance with the University’s policy and are provided as continuing education courses and programs.  Special three to six month certificate training programs are offered for Education, Consulting and Professional Training, and Cooperative Administration.  Research and Development programs, however, are jointly run and are supported with funding from both the private and public sectors.  Continuous Education aims to use professional development to further improve efficiency and aptitude in working professionals.  Distance learning, IT systems and normal approaches are used to increase access to continuous education programs.  Recent activities and projects include: a follow-up study on Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions; New Entrepreneurs Creation Program for training, incubation and consulting; and Supervisory Skill Development.

URL: http://rsc.swu.ac.th

Research Services Center