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Faculty of Physical Education

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The Faculty of Physical Education is the oldest physical education program in Thailand and has successfully trained many Olympic athletes. Although the Faculty is rightly proud of students who have represented the nation on the international stages, it fulfills a much broader role for the benefit of society.

The Faculty not only develops students' competencies to play sports, but also their abilities to conduct sporting events and, most significantly, their ability to teach physical education programs. By applying their knowledge of sports science and health education in Thailand's schools and communities, graduates contribute to the development of programs for use in daily life.

The Faculty has four departments: Physical Education, Recreation, Health Education, and Sports Science. The Faculty also runs a program for the International Certification in Sports Coaching (ICSC) in collaboration with the National Olympic Committee of Thailand, the Sports Authority of Thailand and the United States Sports Academy (USSA).


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Recreation Leadership

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Public Health, Exercise Science and Sport Science

Master of Education and Doctor of Education (M.Ed., Ed.D.), Learning Management in Health Education, Leaning Management in Physical Education, Physical Education Administration

Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy (M.Sc., Ph.D.), Exercise and Sport Psychology, Exercise and Sport Physiology, Sport Coaching Science, Exercise Science, Sport Technology, Physical Activity and Wellness Promotion, Health Promotion Management

Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy (M.A., Ph.D.), Sport Management, Sport Communication, Leisure Management, Ecotourism and Recreation

Faculty of Physical Education