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SWU Introduction

Education is growth is the equivalent of Balinese Sikkha Wirun Sum Patta. (ԡ )

The five growth respects are:

  1. Growth of faith: trust in life, roles and ones own duty.
  2. Growth of sacred precepts: ethics and goodness.
  3. Growth of attentiveness: thoughtfulness and continuous learning.
  4. Growth of abandonment: generosity and kindness to others
  5. Growth of wisdom: living, thinking, and doing with intellect.

The academic life of a scholar is like that of philosopher who follows the practice of Dhamma and is worthy of being an intellectual leader.

Srinkharinwirot University is one of the leading research and learning organizations on a basis of virtue and education oriented to international innovation and creativity.


  1. To generate personnel development with quality and virtue for society through the learning process and a learning society.
  2. To create quality, beneficial and sustainable research and innovation for national and international society.
  3. To provide services with quality, awareness, and accountability for society.
  4. To study, analyze and foster arts and culture.
  5. To develop administration systems with quality and good governance.

University Emblem
University Emblem

The Srinakharinwirot University emblem derives from a graph showing the mathematic equation of an exponential curve

( Y = ex  ).  Its symbolizes increase or growth which is consistent with the university philosophy "Education is growth" (ԡ )

SWU color: Grey and Red
Grey is the color of brain Grey is the color of brain, meaning thought or wisdom.
Red is the color of blood Red is the color of blood, meaning courage.

The Ratchapreuk tree signifies the Srinakharinwirot University tree
The Ratchapreuk tree signifies the Srinakharinwirot University tree

The Ratchapreuk tree is known as Golden Shower,  Indian  Laburnum,  Pudding - pine  Tree, Cassis fistula linn  

which is in the Leguminosae family. It is also called Koon, Chaiyapreuk, or Lom Laeng.