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In 2000, the University established the Institute of Environment and Resources to promote learning and research in conservation, environment and resource study in response to the widespread increase in both population and the exploitation of natural resources resulting in the degradation of Thailand’s precious natural resources.  The primary mission of the Institute is to educate and promote environmental ethics and sustainable, high quality environmental development programs on the local and national levels by incorporating Thai cultural knowledge with modern educational methods.

In accord with SWU’s policy to respond to environmental problems with sustainable solutions, the Institute offers degrees at the master’s and doctoral levels in four areas of Environmental Studies: Environmental Education, Socio-Economic Environment, Environmental Conservation Management, and Environmental Technology.  In addition, the Institute works in collaboration with other faculties and institutions within SWU and internationally to provide the following activities and services: courses, field trips, seminars, research projects on, for example, water pollution and factory noise, and data bases on the environment and resources using the Geographical Information System method (GIS).

SWU President, Sumontha Promboon, planted trees Mat maker

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Institute of Environment and Resources