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International College for Sustainability Studies (SWUIC) is an academic institution which was established in 2004 with a primary objective to provide international programs for Srinakharinwirot University students. Since being established, the college has actively promoted the understanding and appreciation of natural environments and cultural diversity through its undergraduate programs in Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) and Language and Intercultural Communication (LIC). The ultimate goal of these two international programs is to produce qualified and competent graduates who are equipped with wisdom and knowledge in accordance with SWUIC core values which are "Integrity," "Internationalization," "Communication," "Community," "Cultural adaptability," and "Sustainability" to serve the needs of society.

To underline its mission and vision, SWUIC prepares its students through a variety of learning opportunities that encourage them to become global citizens who can think globally and act locally with sustainability in mind. This means SWUIC students are encouraged to apply current global knowledge to the implementation of research projects and activities within local communities, and will be encouraged to do the same with global knowledge in the future. Keeping the admired mission in mind, learning and teaching at SWUIC are guided by the belief that our students and faculty members belong to an international community of scholars where they are able to cultivate lifelong learning. This community, therefore, is dedicated to providing students with global knowledge, specifically in the disciplines of hospitality and tourism management as well as language and intercultural communication.

Apart from our two distinctive educational programs, the provision of excellent academic services is considered to be another ultimate goal and a hallmark of SWUIC. As one of the standardized training centers, SWUIC is committed to ensuring the delivery of high-quality training courses as well as translation and editing services. We also aim to become a national English proficiency test center. In so doing, SWUIC will advance knowledge, address pressing societal needs and create a community enriched by diverse perspectives and cultures where all individuals can flourish.


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Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism Management

Language and Intercultural Communication

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College of Creative Industry

(Established in 2018)

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