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The International College for Sustainability Studies was established in 2005. The College actively promotes understanding and appreciation of the natural and cultural environments while at the same time facilitating interaction between tourists, host communities, the tourism industry, government and conservation organizations. Thus, its programs address the major dilemma facing the tourist industry: how to maintain the precious resources and cultural integrity that are the lifeblood of the nation's tourism industry while at the same time accommodating the ever growing number of tourists.

The College offers English language degree programs in Sustainable Tourism, Ecotourism, Recreation and Hospitality Management. They are designed to expand students' thinking on contemporary issues in tourism management by incorporating knowledge of the importance of sustainability, the environment, heritage preservation and cross-cultural communication.

The innovative and forward-looking curriculum is the strength of the College. It ensures a cutting-edge approach to the field of tourism that is tailor-made to fit the needs of Thailand's tourism industry. All programs are taught by highly qualified resident faculty and globally recognized visiting professors. Thus, graduates will be equipped to be responsible leaders who understand the challenges and opportunities presented by the tourism industry and ensure a prosperous future for the industry in Thailand.

The College has recently modified its organization structure. The Language Center is now a part of the College. The new organization structure also includes Department of Cross-Cultural & Regional Studies. In the near future, the College will offer a program in Russian and East European Studies thus enabling it to provide a well-rounded education in Sustainability Studies.


Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Tourism (B.A.)

Majors: Hospitality Management and Ecotourism
  Hospitality Management and Recreation