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Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies

The Institute of Asia Pacific Studies (IAPS), approved by the University Council in 1994, conducts and encourages academic research programs in area studies emphasizing an interdisciplinary method, to promote and preserve peaceful cooperation regionally and internationally.

The Institute has conducted and published many projects and produced many publications, for example the Bibliography of the Asia Pacific, Bibliography of Community Studies, a Study of the Communities along the Thai-Cambodian Border Area and a Regional Seminar and Workshop on the Communities along the Mekong River Basin. These projects intend to provide necessary resources for long-term regional planning.

In 2003, the institute cooperated with the Graduate School to offer a graduate course in Asian Studies.  The Institute is administered in cooperation with the Graduate School to offer graduate courses in Asian Studies.

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URL: http://iaps.swu.ac.th

Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies