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Originally, SWU had a very important obligation to preserve arts and culture and the University played a significant role in research and the preservation of Thai art and culture.   The Institute of Arts and Culture Research was founded in 2000 in accordance with the Economic Development and National Social Planning that required Srinakharinwirot University to establish a centrally located institute for the sharing of research in arts and culture.

The Faculty of Fine Arts of SWU has been developing its foundation for over three decades.  The Faculty always has had an arts education curriculum in addition to supporting the arts and culture.  However, after its eight campuses nationwide separated from the central campus at Srinakharinwirot University, many limitations arose in fulfilling its duties as an institute of art and culture.  SWU found that it could no longer work effectively in art and culture research.  After the separation of the campuses the Faculty of Fine Arts was able to observe the weak and strong points of its education and research in the field of arts and culture and, thus, the Institute of Arts and Culture was formed.

 Thai Dance research on Thai art and culture 

URL: http://iacr.swu.ac.th

Institute of Arts anc Culture Research