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Graduate School of Srinakharinwirot University (SWU) offers 26 doctoral degree programs, 71 master's degree programs and 9 graduate certificate programs with about 5,000 graduate students enrolled at this comprehensive university. All the university graduate programs, including specialized and interdisciplinary programs, have been regularly revised and developed to be responsive to the demand of graduate students, the strategic goals of university, the national and international standard for academic excellence, as well as the business, economic and social environment.

The Graduate School administrates all the graduate studies in Srinakharinwirot University in cooperation with other faculties and institutions according to university strategies. Graduate School committees function as a board of directors to ensure and enrich the quality of all graduate programs operating in the university. Quality assurance is ensured by the process of evaluation of all studied programs and reported to the university council on a regular basis. Another important role of the Graduate School is graduate student services. The Graduate School advises prospective students on the information about graduate programs being offered by the university. Assistance given to current students as they progress toward their academic goals includes supporting registration processes from admission through graduation, granting research funds, and providing information through informative website and inclusive computer-based services. With the best effort of all elements above, the graduate students share their experience on the convenient, professional, and excellent learning environment at SWU.

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Graduate School