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Faculty of Engineering

URL: http://eng.swu.ac.th
Phone: (6637) 322625-35
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The Faculty of Engineering aims to educate students for careers of leadership and abilities to deal and solve problems by using engineering innovation and technologies. The Faculty of Engineering is also dedicated to preparing for the next generation such as sustainable energy development, advanced healthcare technology, engineering management, and, certainly, harmony with the environment.

The Faculty is equipped with state of the art technology. Our faculty members have achieved excellent recognition both nationally and internationally. They are able to excel in integration of education, research, and public services. Thus, students have a great opportunity to participate in research and gain real world work experience from our faculty members.

Students who have graduated from the Faculty of Engineering will not only have knowledge in the fundamentals, developing engineering technology to serve the needs of society, and the ability to use creative approaches to problem solving, but also have strong leadership, excellent communication skills, make valuable contributions to the community, life-long learning skills, and responsibility to the society and the environment.

The Faculty of Engineering provides superior programs in engineering education, research, and service to enhance the economics, society, and country. Currently, we are offering several interesting programs both in undergraduate and graduate levels.

Building of Engineering Faculty Laboratory


Bachelor of Engineering (B. En.), Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Engineering

Master of Engineering (M.Eng.), Engineering Management

Faculty of Engineering