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The Faculty of Education was the pioneer faculty of education in Thailand and remains at the forefront of its field. It offers programs in teacher training, educational administration, and educational research and technology, preparing students for educational leadership roles.

The research conducted by the Faculty continues to contribute to the development of courses that promote positive changes in society. The information gained is disseminated through seminar projects and put to practical use in the Demonstration Schools, which are under the Faculty's supervision. In addition, the Faculty actively works to support Thai arts and culture by rewarding contributions in these areas.

The Faculty is composed of eight departments: Adult Education, Educational Administration, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Technology, Guidance and Educational Psychology, Educational Foundations, Educational Measurement and Research, and Special Education. All departments offer programs leading to Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees in Education.

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Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), Thai, English, Art Education, Social Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, General Science, Elementary Education, Educational Technology, Guidance, Thai Music, Western Music, Arts Education (Visual Art Education, Music Education, Performing Arts Education)

Master of Education (M.Ed.), Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Higher Education, Educational Administration, Educational Research and Statistics, Guidance and Counseling Psychology, Educational Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Educational Measurement, Educational Technology, Adult Education, Special Education, Science Education, Industrial Education

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), Educational Administration, Educational Technology, Higher Education, Educational Testing and Measurement, Counseling Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Adult Education, Special Education