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Seeking to fulfill the universityís educational mission of contributing to the society, the School of Economics and Public Policy is dedicated to develop undergraduate and graduate studentsí skills so that they may approach economics both from the theoretical and the practical as well as from the logical prospective. At present the School is offering a Bachelorís Program and a Doctoral Program in the field. The Bachelorís Program is designed to give basic knowledge of economics and to provide students with experience in Thailandís socio-economic issues.
The aim of the Doctoral Program is to prepare students for professional careers in teaching, research, business and governmental work. Overall the School strives to ensure that students develop expertise in theoretical, applied, and research areas of economics and public policy, while responding to the need in preparing competent graduates who have appropriate morals and ethics and are capable of working both in the local and global markets.

Undergraduate Program (4 year program)
Bachelor of Economics (B.Econ.)

Graduate Program (3-8 year program)
Master of Economics (M.Econ.)
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Economics

School of Economics and Public Policy