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Educational Media and Technology Center

URL: http://cemt.swu.ac.th
Phone: (662) 259-2218
Fax (662) 259-2217

The Center for Educational Media and Technology serves the educational and research needs of students, faculty, the University staff and community members at both Prasarnmit and Ongkharak Campuses. Equipped with the most advanced technology and media facilities, the Center offers various services to facilitate the conduct of research, teaching and promotion activities. It is well-equipped to produce different types of materials from audio cassettes to compact discs (CDs), from multi-vision slides to digital video disc (DVDs). In addition, the Center provides technology, facilities and rooms for two-way distance education and interconnects faculties at Prasarnmit and Ongkharak Campuses through fiber optics, computer systems, video conferencing and web-based learning packages.

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Educational Media and Technology Center